AtlasVPN: for speed & security

Atlas VPN is the top VPN for unlimited access to the internet on Android while providing anonymity, privacy, and security. It’s the best location or IP changer in the market, guaranteeing private and fast connection, turbo streaming speed, and a super smooth experience.

Atlas VPN is the open and trustworthy VPN provider ensuring secure and free internet for everyone. Trusted by 6 million users worldwide and has been featured in CNET, ZDNet, TechRepublic, TechRadar, Forbes, and The Guardian, to name a few!

Travel worldwide by joining our secure and fast servers everywhere: in Japan, USA, UK, Mexico, Turkey, India, Indonesia, and many other countries. Just change your location with one tap.

Guaranteed for our users:
• Cyber security
• Privacy protection
• Faster internet speeds without any ads
• Seamless access to high-quality streaming
• VPN experience with free data
• Military-grade encryption
• No logs
• Split tunneling
• VPN protocols IKEv2/IPsec and WireGuard
• 700+ servers worldwide for turbo speeds
• Proxy server locations in 20+ countries around the world
• Unlimited number of devices with a single account
• Customer support 24/7 and free trial for 7 days!

These super features allow Atlas VPN users the opportunity to master their journey online, either to “hide my IP” making them vanish from prying eyes on a stable connection or enjoy the free internet.

Browse, stream, and game on whether it’s PUBG, Fortnite, or Free Fire! And while many VPNs offer similar features, you have to buy a subscription. Atlas VPN doesn't do this because, unlike other VPNs, we don’t think that privacy is a luxury. Your digital life should be protected regardless of budget. Join the Atlas VPN family whether from your local cafe WiFi hotspot or your home router. Also, it’s the best VPN for school, ensuring faster, easier and an overall smoother experience.

Unbeatable features for all devices under one subscription
Atlas VPN offers Ad blocker, a killswitch, no logs policy, and a military-grade encryption tunnel using the WireGuard protocol. It guides you to an open internet where you can surf the web, stream your favorite shows, change IP, unblock sites and avoid censorship online.

Access around the globe
Our fast VPN gives you access to 700+ servers and 20+ unique locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. Atlas VPN has proxy servers in Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, the UK, USA, and more countries. Unblock Netflix or Spotify for streaming movies and music during your next vacation trip, wherever you are.

Privacy and security beyond a VPN
Our Tracker blocker minimizes the risks of entering dangerous websites, and our data breach scanner keeps your data safe. We offer a seamless VPN for Android and other popular operating systems meaning protection for your whole household.

Anonymous connection guaranteed with our free VPN
Atlas VPN is your trusted shield, preventing third parties from getting insights on your browsing preferences when connected to a WiFi hotspot wherever you are at a ridiculous price.

Risk-Free and Premium
Atlas VPN is risk free for everyone, whether you choose the free version of the app or our Premium plan, which you can preview with a free trial.

Atlas VPN 24/7 support specialists are waiting to respond to service questions.

Contact us with any questions via
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Services:

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